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Mechatronics 2023 UGV: Junebug


Junebug is one such UGV, designed to cater to the needs of international Robosub competitions, where the development of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) is restricted due to the lack of a large body of water. Junebug serves as a way to test bench and accelerate the development of AUVs because of water restrictions.

Mechatronics' 2023 Vehicle, Junebug.

Design and Purpose:

Junebug is a four-wheeled UGV, designed to be a one-to-one copy of the electrical and software systems used in AUVs. This design allows any development on Junebug to be applied to AUVs. Junebug's purpose is to provide a platform to test and develop autonomous navigation and object detection systems in a controlled environment. Currently, Junebug can avoid obstacles, navigate from one point to another, and recognize people and objects.

Junebug also serves as a platform for student engineers to practice robotics. It provides a learning curve for students to get hands-on experience in developing autonomous systems, preparing them for future careers in the field of robotics.

Future Developments:

Junebug's capabilities are not limited to its current functionalities. Future developments include package delivery, autonomous navigation around the San Diego State University (SDSU) campus, and the ability to navigate through pedestrians. These additional features will ensure a more versatile UGV for testing and developing autonomous systems.

Junebug movement demonstration.


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