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Application Information

Mechatronics competes annually in the RoboSub competition during the summer in Point Loma and provides a hands-on experience to all members as well as networking and leadership opportunities.

As an official member you are expected to:

  • complete projects within a timely manner

  • attend all meetings

  • assist with pool testing

  • work a minimum of 5-10 hours every week 


As applicants, you will be considered for an interview to join as a Mechatronics Recruit. This does NOT mean you are officially part of the team. As a Recruit, if you are demonstrated to be a committed member, you will be invited back as an official member following your first semester with the team.

Business Applicants:

Apply online to be considered for the Business team. You are also welcome to attend our open meetings held at the beginning of the fall semester (details below).

Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Team Applicants:

This year we are holding two open meetings at the beginning of the fall semester for mechanical, electrical, and software team applicants. Attendance to one of the open meetings and participation will be considered part of the interview process. 

Meeting Slides: Link here

Want to get started on the recruit task? Join our Slack channel!

See flyer below for details.

Have questions about our application process? Drop us a message.