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Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary team comprised of undergraduate business and mechanical, electrical, and software engineering students from San Diego State University.


Our goal is to give hands-on experience to passionate students through challenging robotics projects like autonomous submarines (RoboSub). 


In 2011, Austin Owens founded the Mechatronics Club at San Diego State University and was its First President after realizing there was a lack of opportunities for students to apply engineering theory in real-world applications on campus.

At first, club members worked on independent hobbyist projects (Arduino/Raspberry Pi based, 3D printers, line following robots, etc.) to acquire valuable knowledge and gain hands-on experience. In time, the club grew and members formed teams to work on larger projects together.

Mechatronics first competed in the international RoboSub competition in Summer 2014, scoring 8th place overall with limited resources. The year after, the team won 1st place overall. Since then, Mechatronics has grown substantially and continues to strive to give hands-on engineering experience to students.

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