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Mechatronics' 2021 AUV: Pico

Pico is the latest AUV on the Mechatronics' line of RoboSub vehicles.

Mechatronics' 2021 RoboSub vehicle, Pico.

Featuring a compact hull design with a simplified electrical system, Pico was designed as a small-scale, low-cost AUV that can be assembled and tested by a single team member amidst a remote working environment.

When the pandemic first hit the United States in March, Mechatronics activities halted just as team members were beginning to assemble the 2020 RoboSub vehicle, Scion. SDSU's COVID-19 guidelines, in adherence to San Diego County guidelines, restricted club activities to continue remotely only. It was then that the Mechatronics team leadership started formulating plans for engaging members while working from home. In the Fall 2020 semester, incoming team members were trained with a series of training modules created for the mechanical, software, and electrical engineering disciplines applied for RoboSub. They were also tasked with designing a "minisub" - a small AUV that could be tested in a bathtub. The project proved to be a challenge, and taking the research and lessons learned from the minisub teams, Pico's design was created.

The Mechatronics team is now gearing up to continue testing Pico and deliver footage for the RoboSub competition demonstration video.

Pico in the pool.

Assembling the vehicle.

Mechatronics adapted to a virtual environment amidst COVID-19.

Pico out of the water, dog for scale.


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