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Recruit Projects

All new recruits have been assigned projects that are estimated to be completed within the upcoming month.

Software recruits are working on the computer vision basics doing hue, saturation, value (HSV) filtering, canny edge detection, Hough circles, and contour analysis.

Mechanical recruits have been tasked to design external LED mounts and protective bumpers for Perseverance as well as obstacles, and torpedoes to test with.

Electrical recruits were given Arduino projects to read digital sensors and output them to LCD, control servos, and create printed circuit boards (PCBs).

On the left of the image shown in black and white, the recruit is testing canny edge detection, on the right is HSV filtering set to show only the color blue, and on the bottom middle is a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows the recruit to change HSV settings.

We can't wait to see how their projects turn out!

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