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2015 - 2016


Defiance features a compact and streamlined form factor.

The main chassis is a series of individual hull sections, making it modular. The outer frame is far more compact and weighs much less than the vehicle design from 2014. Its design allows for up to 13 different components to be mounted to it simultaneously.

The inner frame, light and easy to attach, allows for mounting real estate for all the interior sensitive equipment.


Main hull

The main hull features custom designed and machined subsections that piece together to form the main chassis. Each section of the hull has an integrated latching system which allows for individual sections of the chassis to be removed. This allows for easy access to critical internal areas of the sub that require constant maintenance and adjustments.


The external frame structure(top left) is anodized 80/20 extruded aluminum that is adjustable, allowing component relocation. The frame is designed to be neutrally buoyant in the water. Each component mount is strategically placed along the extrusion for even weight distribution.

The internal frame, shown to the right, consists of two bolted bent light sheet aluminum. It is designed to slide out of the submarine with ease.

WEApons system

The torpedo launcher consists of two PVC pipes with enclosed caps, each holding a 3-D printed torpedo, that is launched pneumatically as the caps pop out, allowing the torpedoes to launch once sufficient air pressure is built up.

The payload dropping mechanism is made up of an acrylic enclosure housing two ball bearings. Each compartment is activated by a HiTec HS-5646WP servo that releases the payload.

Propulsion is provided by eight brushed-DC motor, high performance, SeaBotix BTD150 thrusters. The thrusters are mounted on the external frame and are oriented to provide six degrees of freedom.

The sub is able to move freely in the forward, reverse, up, down, left, right, clockwise, counterclockwise, and roll left and right.




The custom aluminum battery enclosures were welded and waterproofed in-house to hold the StarkPower Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. They are mounted to the 80/20 external frame.

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