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2015 - 2016



Defiance features a modular hull that allows access to different sections of the submarine. The vehicle includes two cameras, torpedo launchers, dropping mechanism, and an external frame that allows versatility with the placement of components.

The design features eight thrusters providing propulsion in the forward, reverse, up, down, left, right, clockwise, counterclockwise, yaw, pitch, and roll. It is powered by two lithium-ion cell batteries placed in parallel and features a collection of inertial, visual, and pressure sensors that enable successful navigation through the obstacle course.


Defiance's design incorporates a fully custom and modular electronics package and a watertight sectional hull. The main computer features an Intel i7 Quad-Core processor for the graphical user interface that is responsible for image processing, object detection, serial communication, mission planning, navigation, and manual control.


  • Dynamic Thrust

  • Modular Hull Panels

  • Modular External Frame

  • Computer Vision

  • 8 Thrusters

Dry Weight: 123.2 lbs

Total Testing Time: 87 hours


  • Cameras: DFK 23UV024 & DFK 23U274

  • Attitude heading reference system (AHRS): Sparton GEDC-6

  • Pressure Transducer: MEAS 5254 30psi 

  • Doppler Velocity Log (DVL): Teledyne RDI Explorer

  • Hydrophones: Sparton Navigation and Exploration PHOD-1

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