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Our Team

Mechatronics is a fully student-run organization at San Diego State University.

As a multidisciplinary team of engineering, software and business students, we provide a challenging team-based environment with real-world applications, such as designing, fabricating, programming, and testing autonomous underwater vehicle systems.


Our team is composed of Mechanical, Electrical, Software, and Business sub-divisions.



Our mechanical team fully designs our vehicles in Solidworks as well as integrates their systems, including pneumatics. They are responsible for stress analysis and mechanical testing. Designs are also prototyped and fabricated, with welding and anodizing outsourced. 


Mechatronics members research and develop algorithms as well as write the code to control the vehicles. They also create a graphical user interface to allow simple user interaction with the code and are responsible for the vehicle's computer vision system.



Electrical team members design and fabricate our electrical boards and wire their circuits. They solder and test the connections in the boards that allow the electrical components to communicate with the main computer and populate our systems, including sensors, actuators, and thrusters, to vehicles. 

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