Meet the Leads

Sarah Gomez
President & Business Lead
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Sarah is a Senior Mechanical Engineering student. She previously led as Vice President and Mechanical Project Manager for Perseverance's payload systems. She manages sponsorship acquisition and team communications.

Pierce Walker-Howell
Electrical Co-Lead
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Pierce is a Senior Electrical Engineering student. He previously served as Software Lead for Perseverance and led the development of the vehicle's new software system Mech OS.

Tristan Richmond
Electrical Co-Lead
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Tristan is a Junior Electrical Engineering student.  He previously managed the electrical system for Perseverance for the summer of 2019.

Christian Gould
Software Lead
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Christian is a Senor Applied Math and Computer Science student. He has contributed with advanced control systems and precise mission code for Perseverance.

Eduardo Daniel Campas
Mechanical Lead
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Daniel is a Senior Mechanical Engineering student. He has contributed to leading the design of the newest RoboSub vehicle and previously worked on Perseverance's mechanical systems.

Project Managers

Alexa Becerra
Software Project Manager
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Alexa is a Senior Computer Science student and Applied Math minor. She has contributed to the mission code and computer vision software system for the RoboSub vehicles.

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