Meet the Leads

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Tristan Richmond
Club President
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Tristan is a Senior Computer Engineering student with a minor in Business Administration.  He previously managed the electrical system for Perseverance for the summer of 2022.

Jean Michel
Electrical Lead
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Jean is a Senior Electrical Engineering student. He contributed to the design, assembly, and testing of the 2022 RoboSub vehicle motherboard.

Tran Ly
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Tran is a Mechanical Engineering student. She contributed to the mechanical system development, assembly, and testing of the 2022 RoboSub vehicle and ground support equipment design.

Ian Reichard
Software Lead
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For 2021: Wrote the interprocess communication code and the GUI with some drivers. For 2022: Lead the software and strategy teams. Wrote OS related, ROS, Computer Vision, AI code, did integration

Cayton Larmer
Mechanical Project Manager
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Cayton is a Mechanical Engineering student minoring in Computer Science. He has contributed to the design, manufacture and testing of the mounting and sealing systems of the 2022 RoboSub vehicles.

Joseph Garcia 
Business Lead
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Joseph is a Senior Business Administration Student with an emphasis in General Marketing. He has worked on sponsorship acquisition, creating new advertisement campaigns, and recruitment strategies since 2021