The International RoboSub competition hosted by RoboNation takes place annually in Point Loma, CA, where we compete with teams from all over the world. 

The competition consists of an underwater obstacle course which must be completed by the submarine autonomously. The obstacles change each year, but consist of image processing tasks, maneuvering exercises, path following, torpedo launching, marker dropping, object manipulation, and acoustic recognition.

Meet Our Subs

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RoboSub Vehicle Design Concept

4th place winner at the 2020 international RoboSub competition out of 33 teams.


2017 - 2019

Top 15 of 44 Teams at the 2017 international RoboSub competition & ranked 1st in Best Craftsmanship.

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2015 - 2016

1st place winner of the 2015 international RoboSub competition, out of 37 teams.

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